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Download Inception (2010) FREE – Download Free Movies

really shines in this film and a film biggets to date. Inception is really hard to understand, and even at the end. You are always guessing whether the character of Leo is still dreaming or not.

This is one of the best films I’ve seen in years. The story, characters, special effects, action scenes, turning, everything is perfectly planned and executed in a way that really makes you think and keep dreaming about it for weeks after you see it. One thing I like about this film.


Surrealism may seem strange or exciting curiosity, based solely on the intelligence of the viewer. Although the realm of surrealism is very nebulous and complex, but even a slight attempt at improvisation can sometimes go wrong and open the Pandora’s box, which makes it very improbable and the impossible is approaching. This facet of reality can be an obstacle to the most talented directors, but not the genius of Christopher Nolan, who not only foray into the concept of surrealism, but also witty mixed with elements of science fiction in his last marvel called Inception. Nolan has created a niche for itself ten years ago by releasing a monster of a movie called Memento. He justified his films magic condition such as insomnia, prestige, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. His constant desire for innovation and the willingness odd foray into the uncharted territory of the imagination earned him a deserved label of author, giving him carte blanche as narrator Nolan desperately needs. It is very clear that Nolan has all the advantages of this freedom on the set of Inception. Creation is not just a dream but a dream in itself and is greater than all designed in the big screen. With its overlapping layers, the film serves primarily as an unfathomable mystery and makes the display extremely critical of many. It’s incredibly well in both humanistic and technical fronts. In fact, the balance between human emotions and elements of science fiction is therefore appropriate that it is impossible to separate them.

The film is about a futuristic world where the human mind can be intercepted by sleep invasion. Cobb is an expert in the art of extracting information (stealing valuable secrets) depths of the unconscious in the dream state. His skill in the extraction is affected by a crisis that begins with the untimely death of his wife. He is forced to live the life of a fugitive from their children. His only chance of redemption is a Japanese tycoon named Saitua, who wants to make a foundation (planting information in someone’s mind). To accomplish this unprecedented, Cobb and his team face a maze of unpredictable problems, where even a slight loss could catch them in a perpetual blur. Any further disclosure would be remiss of me that the plot is full of complexities in such a way that even expatiation would be unable to justify its depth.

Leonardo DiCaprio gives a strong performance in the lead role, after his memorable performance in Shutter Island. He brilliantly portrays the complexity and limitations of Cobb highlighting the enigmatic nature of her pain and psychological trauma. Marion Cotillard is blinding the woman fickle Cobb, Mal The rest of the troupe gave a performance complete with a special mention of Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

original is incredibly bright, like a movie and a breakthrough in contemporary cinema. Nolan creativity and certainly unprecedented performance make it an object of prestige fine, but if you become Buntilde; hat “Un Chien Andalou” and Kubrick’s ’2001: A Space Odyssey “and serve as a prototype for movies come is the time to decide. Regardless, Inception is a sine qua non not only for an amateur, but for the average viewer who is willing to deepen deep enough to enjoy the pleasure

PS. You have to imagine it to be believed. 9 / 10 “Inception”

is one of the most entertaining films intelligently in a moment. DiCaprio and the cast give solid performances consistently, it is not easy given the labyrinthine plots they serve. It is wonderful to look to the art design and visual effects. A wonderful movie

Oh, I did not expect a fresh story. There was a little cheese for the simple-minded people, but everything fits so you keep thinking about it for days after seeing it. You can use this more in the country where you can pause or use subtitles because of the magnitude of the story line is always changing. I always thought DiCaprio was one of those players who love to hate or hate to love, but always brilliant in everything he does and this film does not leave you did not like down.If perhaps too simple to understand the concept and history. Just a warning, if you do not take the SAT or scored below 800 or if you feel like watching cars run in a circle all day, it’s entertainment, it is likely not going to like it. Stick to American Idol, his brain weak manage better.

I’m not what they were in the elevator, is a Dover. Raises the most dangerous of the United States.

this film as most if not all people are different, misleading, and a mystery compelling. I think to really understand the concept of “home” to be mentally at some stage of their lives in the understanding that there are many different views in the world. and before it is dropped or fired at them, I wonder about all the simple ideas that represents you … in general.

the success of this film well choreographed congratulate the Director of mind for its ability to get his audience to reflect on what they have known all your life. while this is put to question and investigate the idea of ​​planting a concept in your head while sleeping can affect your actions / decisions when awake. but this film is clearly fiction, who are attracted by a false sense of security, where the manager familiar with the everyday things that unawareingly experience. Imagine sleeping in a chair, if someone touches the chair and begins to fall, he wakes up unconsciously. Anyway, when you dream of falling off a cliff, say you wake up or less stupid, oblivious to the reality of his hat the security of your bed. Nolan uses these ideas to the approach and gives us the chance to interact with them, it makes us think that the cancellation of the better able you can do.

“Inception” Unlike most films do not have an essence of a beginning, middle or end, just a series of events. In most films the director begins by presenting the stage of history. He / she then takes us on a trip in which they are totally in line with the main character and feel what he feels and looks high and low points in history. while in “Inception,” Nolan is leaving us, I think it intentionally, he wants to understand the meaning of the film in our personal way. It is not just a story you want the story as much as there are people who see the film

In all, “Inception” is very unique and different from any other film on the screens. Personally, I think it’s the beginning of a fascinating, where it will be this kind of material produced. I highly recommend this film to people, you have a new and innovative in finding a man happiness. This film has it all. A soft light of the various relationships, a healthy portion of the intensity, a little comedy with a generous filling of the action, finished with beautiful graphics. I would say this is the best destination for a first appointment.

My husband and I saw this film (long stretch of the word) the day before in the German language. (We live in Germany). At the end of the film, we learn that each of us wanted to leave after the first 20 minutes.

Going to the movies for entertainment. It was not fun. Quite the contrary.

Do not waste your money. poor performance of all involved, except for children at the end when we finally could see their faces and Dradle it continues to run. I think people who believe that this film was a “Mind F * ck” just are not used for films and creative people who say that the film is too simple of a claim: Oh, the film was ssooooo easy to understand “just out to make it look intelegent and roosters are just arrogant.

films try to do things never before seen in the film, but the ideas are more likley novels explored in science fiction, the film is the audience of the film is unique and perhaps even hallucinating .

The only major confusion comes to the end where you have to go back and question everything that has happen before the story is fairly easy to achieve.

My wife and I agreed to leave about 3 / 4 of the way through. I like action movies, but if you think about it, this action not really exist. Of course, all movies are filmed, scripted, so they are not real either, but that’s not true at all levels. On the other hand, very difficult to follow. Excellent effort, but not worth worth the trip, except perhaps for the original idea behind it is something intelligent.

I loved this film, it was sometimes confusing, the real and what was a dream, but that’s what we were entertained by that made you think. I highly recommend this film.

Very well thought out and designed and had a deep plot of the matrix. He went too far with special effects, but no matter how much of the plot. I really think that I watched that ,